I said it was just a matter of time (Daniel 12:7)

Monday, August 16, 2021  Reminder: Jesus will not return like that and he was not like that long haired man, neither he dressed like him, neither he will request the worship for himself, do not be deceived! https://ai20.me/2020/08/13/jesus-was-not-resurrected-on-the-3rd-day/ https://videos.files.wordpress.com/uDS6SMov/the-return-of-jesus-the-return-of-his-angels_mp4_hd.mp4 https://ai20.me/2019/04/21/christ-wore-short-hair/ Michael: "I never said it was impossible to defeat you, Satan! (I never said:  “Who … Continue reading I said it was just a matter of time (Daniel 12:7)