Don’t be fooled by charlatans: It is impossible to change the past. Do not be fooled by charlatans: God does not love everyone.

 The past cannot be changed because if the past could be changed, it would no longer be the past because it would not have happened. How can we pretend to change a past that never happened?

Psalms 2:2 The kings of the earth rise up and princes band together against Jehovah and against his anointed, saying,
3 “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

Isaiah 45:9 “What sorrow awaits those who argue with their Creator.
Does a clay pot argue with its maker? Does the clay dispute with the one who shapes it, saying, ‘Stop, you’re doing it wrong!’ Does the pot exclaim, ‘How clumsy can you be?’?.

“Your past can’t be changed, otherwise it’d not be past, your present turns past all the time and you can’t change it either, and your future turns present all the time, so you can’t either change your destiny, even if you think you can.”, “So, fuck you Satan!”

“I’m not doing this for a Nobel Prize or a metal trophy, I’m writing this to quickly get what belongs to me: glory.”

“Do not be fooled by charlatans: God does not love everyone.”
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the pope says terrible lies against God
Pope keeps on liying againts Gods word