They ask the false prophet, “When will the kingdom of God come?” and the false prophet replies, “The day the pigs fly.”

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They ask the false prophet, “When will the kingdom of God come?” and the false prophet replies, “The day the pigs fly.”
“A man came to a people and through soft words and a lot of imagination, he convinced the people that he was the emissary of a God who would bless all who recognize as an emissary of that God, and recognizing him as a messenger of God implied paying him an economic tribute, the man became rich with that manipulation; In addition, in his speech the man said that the sign of the arrival of that kingdom of God with their respective rewards would be when people begin to see the pigs fly: “when people see that pigs grow wings the size of the wings of pigeons and begin to fly through the skies, that day would be the beginning of the kingdom of God”, those were the words of the man who came to the people, and as incredible as it might seem, most people believed that man.”

In the video below I narrate this fictional story that aims to make a comparison with what is happening now in relation to the false prophets and the thousands of people who give them their support.
(The video is only available in Spanish, I have not put subtitles).

(However there is a more specific video about what I mean and it is in English, although that is not my voice, that voice of the video was generated by a text reading software, my voice is more masculine, this is the video:



Nos engañaron: Jesús no resucitó al tercer día. // «Jesús no resucitó al tercer día» (Oseas 6: 1-3 = está en plural y se refiere al tercer milenio (Y encaja con la era de Internet y después del año 2000 +/- (Isaías 42: 1 -4, Daniel 12: 1-3, Isaías 61: 1 (Salmos 110: 7))) – El regreso de Jesús no es en su mismo cuerpo anterior y desde el cielo visible: La mentira en Hechos 1: 1-11 es destruida por Mateo 21: 33-44 (Salmos 118: 7-23); Los loros de la Biblia no te dijeron esto: El verdadero evangelio se revela en los días del séptimo ángel y se proclama usando medios de comunicación (las «trompetas»). (Daniel 12: 9, Apocalipsis 10: 7))

They deceived us: Jesus was not resurrected on the 3rd day. // «Jesus did not resurrect at the third day» (Hosea 6:1-3 = it is in plural and refers to the third millenian (And it fits with the Internet age and after year 2000 +/- (Isaiah 42:1-4, Daniel 12:1-3, Isaiah 61:1 (Psalms 110:7))) – The return of Jesus is not in his same body and from the visible sky: The lie in Acts 1:1-11 is destroyed by Matthew 21:33-44 (Psalms 118:7-23) ; The Bible parlots did not tell you this: The true gospel is revealed in the days of the seventh angel and proclaimed using means of communication (the «trumpets»). (Daniel 12:9, Revelation 10:7))